Eat Strawberries This Summer – The Benefits for Your Body


Eat Strawberries This Summer – The Benefits for Your Body

We all love ripe strawberries, possibly because they are sweet. But, do you also know that they have numerous nutritional benefits to your health?

Fresh summer strawberries are the most refreshing, healthy treat anyone can have on this planet, and they perform wonders when used in recipes whilst also having an impressive amount of health benefits that will surprise you.

The following are the many added advantages when it comes to your health for regularly incorporating strawberries into your diet.

Rich in Antioxidants

Strawberries are rich in antioxidant content in the form of anthocyanins, which belong to a class known as flavonoids. The antioxidants reduce the level of oxidative stress in your body thereby averting an ongoing raging process. This helps to prevent the occurrence of diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorder and cancer. They also contain vitamins A and C. These vitamins will aid in the defense strategy to reduce the formation of inflammatory and chronic diseases in your body.

Cancer Fighter

Strawberries help to fight against cancer by blocking the initiation of cancer cell formation in your body known as carcinogenesis. It suppresses the proliferation and progression of cancerous tumors. With its content of anthocyanins, cancer cells are always inhibited.

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Strawberries’ antioxidants prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease by inhibiting bad cholesterol oxidation, enhances blood vessel function, reduces the possibility of dangerous blood clotting forming inside the blood vessels, reducing plaque build-up in the arteries and maintains blood pressure. They reduce inflammatory response, which is one of the causes of heart diseases.

Protect Your Skin

Strawberries protect the skin from damage with their high content of vitamin A and C that lower the levels and appearance of wrinkles, reduces risks for skin cancer, and increases the level of hydration and elasticity. Their high level of vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and lightens a variety of inflammatory rashes that can appear on your skin.

Promote Digestive Health

Strawberries aid in the detoxification processes in your body by restoring the health of the digestive tract, with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and enhancing digestive regularity. Their fibre and vitamin A and C content aids in the neutralization and elimination of toxin removal by reducing excessive free radicals. A strawberry also balances the pH level of the gut, prevents constipation and reduces inflammation in the gut that can result in leaky gut syndrome and other digestive disorders.

Helpful for Pregnant Women

Strawberries are helpful to you as a pregnant woman because they are a good source of folate that helps in the growth of tissues and proper functioning of the cells. When the right amount of folate is consumed, it goes a long way to reverse some birth defects including spina bifida. Folate is also an important vitamin for an anaemic patient. Therefore, for that unborn baby, help them by constantly consuming strawberries, which is a crucial fruit during your pregnancy.

Make a quick change in your diet by incorporating strawberries into your meal plan.