Five Ways to Clean Your Body Naturally

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Five Ways to Clean Your Body Naturally

You only have to flip through advertisements in a magazine, watch an infomercial, or browse the web to see that a wealth of gimmicks exist to help people clean their your body from the inside out. From pills to fad diet systems to extreme cleanses, plenty of options are out there with promises of helping people clean up their lives. Though their promises may be alluring, the truth about these gimmicks is that adding supplements, shakes, and the like to a diet filled with toxins and chemicals will never leave you with a truly clean body. To truly clean the body naturally, it’s vital to practice clean eating. Making clean eating choices is the only way to clean your body from the inside out.

In order to clean your body through the practice of clean eating, it is essential to understand what it is. Clean eating is simply eating real, whole foods while eschewing both processed foods and refined foods, including refined grains and refined sugars. Unlike diets, this way of eating is not about counting calories or controlling portions. The aim is to eat the clean, natural foods without polluting your body with the chemicals and toxins in processed and refined foods.

Follow these top five ways to clean your body naturally through healthy diet choices.

Avoid the Center of the Store

To successfully clean your system with clean eating, aim to avoid shopping in the center of the store. These center aisles are filled with highly processed, sugar packed options like cereals, pasta sauces, granola bars and more. While convenient, these choices are typically filled with hard to pronounce ingredients that where created in a lab rather than grown on a farm. Instead, shop the perimeter of the grocery store where you will find plenty of fresh choices like green vegetables and fruit. Not only will these choices be free of the artificial ingredients found in the center of the store, but their antioxidant, water, fiber, and chlorophyll content will further help to clean your body from the inside out.

Stock Up On Ready to Eat Clean Food

One challenge to achieving a clean body through clean eating is that it can take more time to prepare the food options than grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips does. Negate this problem by stocking your kitchen with ready to eat whole, clean foods. Options like raw nuts, avocados, and bananas require little to no prep for a satisfying snack or meal addition.

Add Fresh Herbs

Add flavor to any food, without adding unclean ingredients, through the addition of fresh herbs. Herbs are an ideal way to add the desired the depth of flavor that makes meals delicious, without the preservatives and sugar that most commercial manufacturers rely on to flavor their foods. As an added benefit, herbs offer benefits such as flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that further aid in cleansing the body.

Watch Out for Tricky Buzzwords

Advertising executives are paid millions and millions of dollars each year to lure customers to buy their products thinking that they are making a healthy choice. While words like ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’ may be true of clean eating choices, they can also be applied to foods that have been processed and/or loaded with added sugars. The bottom line? Even if a food touts being organic, natural, or healthy, still verify that it meets clean eating standards by checking the ingredients.

Do Your Homework

Spending just a small amount of time learning new clean eating recipes, researching clean options at restaurants, and stocking your kitchen with tasty and nutritious clean eating choices can go a long way in making cleaning your body naturally much easier and more achievable.

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