Brr! Seven Benefits of Cold Showers vs Hot Showers

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Brr! Seven Benefits of Cold Showers vs Hot Showers

If the idea of stepping into a cold shower sounds unpleasant to you, you are not alone. Though many people consider a cold shower something to be avoided at all possible costs, a cold shower actually offers so many powerful benefits that enduring a few seconds of mild discomfort is well worth it! Keep reading to find out all the ways cold showers beat hot showers.

Cold Showers Help to…

Supercharge Fat Burning

Your body uses energy to help keep you warm, which helps to rev your metabolism and torch calories. A Scandinavian study showed that the body’s fat burning increases by as much as 15 times during a cold shower. Even better, cold showers’ fat burning benefits seem to burn the unhealthy type of fat (white fat).

Enhance Mood and Alertness

The cold temperature of a cold shower activates nerve endings and sends impulses towards the brain, waking you up and lifting your mood. A cold shower may just be better than a cup of coffee to get your day started!

Improve Blood Circulation

In a cold shower, blood is sent towards the organs to keep them warm. This process improves your blood circulation, which is terrific for your heart.

Strengthen Immune System

By boosting metabolic function, a cold shower also helps to strengthen the immune system due to the release of more white blood cells.

Decrease Inflammation

Just as placing ice on an injury helps decrease inflammation, a cold shower can help to decrease inflammation and improve aches and pains.

Encourage Lymphatic Drainage

As a cold shower causes your body to contract, the contractions help cause the lymphatic system to drain and detoxify your system.

Beautify the Skin and Hair

Cold water helps to seal hair cuticles, leaving it looking healthier and shinier. Additionally, cold water helps to close pores on your skin for a smoother appearance. Finally, cold water is not as drying to your skin, leaving it softer and suppler.