Why Switch to a Vegan Lifestyle?

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Why Switch to a Vegan Lifestyle?

Deciding to become a vegan is not the challenging part, but maintaining a vegan lifestyle is. Being a vegan means that you will avoid all animal foods such as cheese, meat, eggs, yoghurt and other animal processed products like gelatin.

A typical vegan diet contains vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans and fruits and these are all known to be healthy and delicious. However, one of the dilemmas that you are exposed to as a vegan is the concern of not having enough protein in your diet since the main sources of protein come from animal products. This is where creativity comes into play relating to your food selection as a potential vegan.

The implication is that you must increase your intake of variety of food such as nuts, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruits and seeds in order to complete a protein diet. Soy products as a rich source of complete protein can equally be incorporated in your diet. With this, you can derive more than enough protein from a vegan lifestyle.

Making a decision to be a vegan is a choice that will bring you numerous health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that vegan diets that are rightly combined to ensure the full spectrum of amino acids and vitamins that prevent unhealthy conditions like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and other inflammatory disorders. There are also many other vital reasons why you should go vegan, which include the following:

Animal Welfare

Prevention of animal exploitation remains the key factor in deciding to go and stay vegan for many. For those who are emotionally attached to animals or those who believe that animals have the right to live free just as we do, becoming a vegan can be a way for you to say no to animal exploitation and cruelty.

Health Benefits

Many switch to a vegan lifestyle because of its health benefits. A complete vegan diet is rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamins and other important minerals. The vegan diet plant-based sources are low in saturated fat, packed with antioxidants and very high in fibre content which are important in the mitigation of the common health disorders such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Vegan diets will enhance your energy levels and leave your skin looking younger.

Environmental Impact

The production of meat and many other animal products exert huge burdens on the environment. The required amount of grain feed for meat production can contribute to deforestation, species extinction and habitat loss. However, when it comes to vegan diets, lower quantities of water and crops are needed, making the transition to veganism the most effective, easiest and enjoyable way to reduce the environmental impact. One of the most effective ways an individual can lower their carbon footprint is to avoid all animal products.

Therefore, anytime you switch from an animal product to a vegan one, you are saving the life of an animal. Choose a free life today by adopting a vegan lifestyle!