Is It Possible to Reverse Type II Diabetes with Food


Is It Possible to Reverse Type II Diabetes with Food

As the prevalence of Type II Diabetes continues to rise at rapidly alarming rates, the need for a solution to the problem only intensifies. The Center for Disease Control estimates that well over 100 million people suffer from diabetes or prediabetes, and the trend has been that that number grows each year. Though there are medicines readily available to keep blood sugar levels under control and treat the symptoms that arise from the disease, medication cannot cure Type II Diabetes. The good news is that there is something that can reverse Type II Diabetes, and it is available at your local grocery store. That’s right; healthy food choices and lifestyle choices can help to reverse Type II Diabetes.

Smart Choices: What Food Choices Help to Reverse Type II Diabetes?

While many diseases out there require the use of harsh medications, the power that food can play in diabetes prevention and reversal is both impressive and encouraging. Different doctors and health experts will recommend slightly different variations of the best diet to follow to fight Type II Diabetes, but there are several general principles that have been studied and shown to be key in this battle.

The most obvious recommendation is cutting out refined sugars, but cutting out refined grains is also tremendously important. The effect these grains have on the body is nearly identical (and sometimes worse) than sugars. Including plenty of vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens has also been shown to reduce risk and reverse damage. Including omega 3 rich foods such as salmon and walnuts is highly recommended. These foods fight inflammation and help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Additionally, a diet filled with these foods will naturally lead excess weight loss, which is also crucial in reversing Type II Diabetes. Other important recommendations include cutting out processed foods, eating plenty of nuts and seeds, and filling up on cruciferous vegetables. Along with these dietary choices, leading an active lifestyle is also vital.


It is important to remember that it is never too late to start making healthy dietary changes. Even in cases where Type II Diabetes is not completely reversed, it is still possible to make significant improvements.  Additionally it should be noted that those who do not have a diagnosis of prediabetes or Type II Diabetes are wise to heed the recommendations for reversing Type II Diabetes. Not only is a balanced, healthy diet recommended, it also holds the potential to help prevent the occurrence of prediabetes and Type II Diabetes.