Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

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Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Cooking food destroys some of the basic nutrients and natural enzymes contained in it. It practically kills some enzymes that fight chronic diseases and boosts your digestion. Eating raw food allows your body to reap the health benefits as nature intended.

It is even worse with processed and preserved foods, which have gone through many chemical processes to get to the stage where you now see them. Statistics have shown that processed and preserved foods can be carcinogenic, meaning that they can cause cancer.

This is why raw food is now being encouraged because of its non-toxicity and complete nutrients. Going on a raw food diet means that you choose uncooked and unprocessed foods. It also means that you will become a fan of many staples like vegetables, seeds, nuts, raw fruits, sprouted grains and unpasteurized foods like raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy, fish and meat.

Here are five reasons why you should start eating more raw food now:

Protection From Cancer

Many raw foods like broccoli and garlic are known to prevent cancer because of the many cancer-fighting properties like sulforaphane, which they possess in their raw states. But these properties are lost when cooked. Research also shows that absorption of these compounds into the body becomes harder when cooked.

So eating raw food will protect you from cancer and many other health issues including high blood pressure.

Boosts The Immune System

Vitamin C rich foods are known to boost the immune system. If you look carefully at the content of many of the over-the-counter immune boosting drugs, you will discover that they are composed of Vitamin C. Why waste money buying processed Vitamin C, when you can get the full potency from raw foods?

Carrots, red pepper, avocados, berries, mushrooms, and oranges are good sources of Vitamin C and can boost your immune system, preventing you from numerous diseases.

Smooth Skin and Enhanced Energy

Those who have been on a raw food diet have testified to an improvement in the appearance of their skin, giving it a fresher and younger look. They also attest to having increased energy levels over time.

Many of the raw fruits we eat have the ability to enhance the look of your skin, slowing down your aging process and boosting your energy.

Reduction in Cases of Chronic Disease

Raw foods contain antioxidants which are known to combat inflammation. Inflammation has been found to be one of the root causes of chronic diseases. Cooking your food reduces and even eliminates the potency of these antioxidants, making you less susceptible to chronic inflammations.

Fights Anemia

Some raw foods, especially beets, are known to contain folate which is a water soluble vitamin that assists the body to create new cells. It also helps the body to produce normal red blood cells when combined with vitamin B12. So a deficiency of folate means you are susceptible to anemia.

Fortunately, you can get this folate in large abundance when you eat raw beets.

Going on a raw food diet is packed with many health benefits. It can change your entire health and make you enjoy your life better. Remember to do further research and consult your medical professional before you decide to go into a full raw diet.