Wake Up Right – Benefits of a Daily Morning Wheatgrass Shot


Wake Up Right – Benefits of a Daily Morning Wheatgrass Shot

Breakfast is widely hailed as the most important meal of the day, but the fine print on this time tested adage lies in the contents of what someone chooses for breakfast. While sugary cereals and refined carbohydrates can actually lead to an energy deficit before the day even begins, including the right choices for breakfast can supercharge you for all that lies ahead. As it turns out, one of the best choices to start the day isn’t even on the typical breakfast menu. That’s right, wheatgrass shots, are one of the best ways to start your morning. Read on to find out the top benefits wheatgrass shots offer you.

Caffeine Free Energy Source

Wheatgrass is not only a particularly easily absorbable energy source, it also helps move oxygen to the blood cells. The result is helping to leave you feeling alert and awake, without the crash or other negative effects caffeine can give.

Packed with Nutrients

Each shot of nutrients contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals as well as 17 amino acids, making it one of the most nutrient packed options you can choose to fuel your body in the morning. Top nutrients found in wheatgrass include vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as iron, magnesium, fiber, enzymes, all of the essential amino acids, and more.

Helps Heal the Body

Wheatgrass is a top source of chlorophyll, the compound in plants responsible for their green pigment. But beyond giving plants their green hue, it is worth noting that chlorophyll’s makeup is remarkably similar to human blood cells making it a potent healing tool. The high chlorophyll content in wheatgrass supports blood cell health, helps to cleanse toxins from the system, and has antibacterial properties.

Aids in Digestion

A 2002 Scandinavian study showed that wheatgrass shots can help the digestive system, even reducing symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In particular, the enzymes found in wheatgrass has been shown to be helpful in both protein and starch digestion. For this reason, many people choose to have a morning wheatgrass shot prior to eating any breakfast.

Boost Immunity

Homeopathic practitioners have long recommended wheatgrass shots to help support the many functions of the immune system. Not only is wheatgrass packed with antioxidants, it also has properties that help it bind with toxins to flush them from your system, reducing what your immune system has to fight each day.

So why wait? Find some a local supplier of fresh wheatgrass and juice your own.If you can’t find fresh wheatgrass try the alternative and choose a powder such as this Certified Organic Wheatgrass Powder